The UNESCO excludes Reporters Without Borders, affiliated to CIA, for its controversial working methods

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“French NGO Reporters Without Borders (RSF), subsidized by agencies of the Department of North American State and which links with North American intelligence (CIA) were shown, has just been excluded from the list of not Governmental Organizations linked to the UNESCO.”

Failure to observe of the journalistic ethics by RSF

It is the second time in exactly four years when RSF is punished by the UNESCO for the lack of ethics. The prestigious institution of United Nations has him has already withdrawn the co-sponsorship of the Day on Wednesday, March 12th, 2008 for freedom from Internet because of «tries aiming at disqualifying a certain number of countries». The Executive Council of international organism validated on this March 8th the decision of the Committee on the not Governmental Associates which withdrew the status of linked organization in RSF. The Committee on the not Governmental Associates, an organ affiliated to the Executive Council of the UNESCO, February 28th of this year met, to study the reclassifying of ONG which collaborate with the UNESCO. In the course of debates of the UNESCO, some countries reported the controversial working methods used by NGO «which are not compatible with the stocks of the UNESCO in the field of the journalism» and decides to exclude it from the category of association.

A suspicious organism of press creates by Robert Menard

In 2008, some months after a similar decision, the founder of RSF, Robert Menard, abandoned his leader’s post of the NGO, whom he detained obviously lifelong, to accept a contract millionaire of the Emirate of Qatar where he owed supposément to create an organism in favour of the rights of the press… Robert Menard is back in France today where he is linked to the party of extreme-right, “The Front National” of Marine Le Pen. When it was at the head of RSF, Ménard has of publicly acknowledge that the group accepted generous subventions of the Agency of International Development (USAID), facade of North American intelligence, across Center for has Free Cuba, a living being of Freedom House, aimed by the agent of the CIA Frank Calzón. Robert Menard had during years access to the funds of the North American agency as the interference, USAID, which disposed the year of its rapid “retirement” about 45 million dollars to lead his job of propaganda and spying against Cuba, across a network of so-called NGO. The right hand of Calzón, Felipe Sixto, confessed at the end of the year crossed have stolen one and a half million dollars of the budget of “Center”.

RSF: Affiliation with USAID and occult supports of USA

The affiliation with USAID and other occult supports of HAD explains the ardour of RSF to attack always the progressive countries of Latin America, among which the countries of ALBA, double which it triggers off campaign of defamation in spaces regular of beside other organisms of press known for their collaboration with the State department. Last February, RSF intervened in the debate which develops in the Ecuador on the rights of the press to support the daily El Universo, condemned for affronts and mesonges rude against the president Rafael Correa. RSF qualified as “disaster” the decision of the National Court of Justice (CNJ) of the Ecuador which ratified a sentence by a defamatory affront ” against the spokesman of the daily of the extreme-right and the oligarchy. Also, RSF attacks Bolivia and in Venezuela, the countries the «big press of which» was traditionally monopolized by the national oligarchy. Consequently, RSF will not have a right of intervention and will have to limit himself to “consultations”.

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